essential therapie

Hands and Feet

Classic Manicure

File, cuticle tidy, hand and arm massage and application of the colour formula of your choice.

45 mins £33.00 £36.00

Wellness Manicure

A luxurious and intensive treatment that includes a revitalising hand peel, moisturising hand mask and heated mittens to deeply moisturise and condition the hands and nails.

60 mins £43.00 £47.00

Nailtiques Treatment Manicure

Recommended for nail biters and problem nails. A fusion of vitamins, rich proteins and conditioners are used to treat dry, brittle, splitting, ridged and peeling nails. Visible results can be achieved in as little as 6/8 weeks.

30 mins £28.00 £31.00


Striplac is a hybrid product, that dries instantly like a gel but is a long lasting polish. Quick and easy to apply, the polish will last up to 10 days and does not require nail varnish remover to take it off, simply peel off when you need a change of colour.

45 mins £35.00 £38.00

GelColour by OPI

Choose your favourite iconic OPI colour shade, to deliver a high gloss finish that lasts up to 2 weeks.

Manicure £38.00 £40.00
Manicure with soak off £48.00 £50.00
Pedicure £45.00 £49.00
Pedicure with soak off £55.00 £59.00

Soak Off

Includes file, cuticle tidy & buff† £20.00 £22.00

†Please note that if your Gels were applied at Essential Therapie you will receive a £5 discount on the above price.

Classic Pedicure

Cut, file, hard skin removal, cuticle tidy, foot and leg massage and application of the colour formula of your choice.

45 mins £41.00 £45.00

Wellness Pedicure

A luxurious and intensive treatment that includes the use of callus remover; for stubborn hard skin, exfoliating foot scrub, moisturising foot mask and heated booties to leave feet super soft and sandal ready.

60 mins £51.00 £55.00

Calgel Nail Enhancements

Calgel is a superior nail system that doesn’t damage your natural nail. It is extremely flexible, but strong and durable without looking thick or false. Calgel can be used on tips or as a natural overlay and can last up to 3 weeks before infilling is required.


A plastic tip is applied to the nails creating extra length.

Clear £60.00  
Colour £70.00  
French £80.00  


Applied directly over the natural nail.

Clear £50.00  
Colour £55.00  
French £65.00  


Clear £45.00  
Colour £50.00  
French £55.00